Catalogue of Training Programs

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Name Type (EQF) Location Learning Outcome Link Actions
UFP - Técnico Especialista em Automação, Robótica e Controlo Industrial - Portugal - Link Save Delete
Automação, Robótica e Electrónica Industrial 5 Portugal 1. Analyze simple architectures of current microprocessors and microcontrollers from block diagrams and practical implementation schemes. 2. Program microprocessor-based systems and microcontrollers in low- and high-level languages: assembly and C respectively. 3. Implement an address decoder and conveniently use interrupt systems. 4. Develop microcontroller-based applications both in terms of software development and its relationship to support hardware. Link Save Delete
Análise e Engenharia de Big Data 7 Portugal Big data, AI, ML, cloud computing, data visualization, optimization Link Save Delete
Advanced Manufacturing Technology 6 Ireland Advanced manufacturing, additive manufacturing processes, product development, automation systems Link Save Delete
Cybersecurity 7 Ireland A mastery of advanced theoretical and practical knowledge and skills relevant to Cybersecurity, including Cryptography, Security Management, Security Privacy, laws relating to data protection and computer crime legislation, Network Security, Network Forensics, Incident Response, Digital Forensics, Penetration Testing, Web App Security and Scripting. The student will also be able to master other specialist areas of Cybersecurity by taking electives that match their interests. A critical appreciation of the design issues in developing a Cybersecurity infrastructure, taking into account the environment and context in which it is being applied. Link Save Delete
Data Science 7 Portugal Big Data, Cloud Computing; ML, data analysis, data analytics, Statistics, AI Link Save Delete
Certificate in Advanced Mechatronics 6 Ireland Control System, programming Link Save Delete
i4.0@UC - Portugal - Link Save Delete
Inovação de Produtos e Processos 7 Portugal - Link Save Delete
Data Science Pós-Graduação Portugal Data analysis, data analytics, programming, data mining, ML, AI Link Save Delete
Artificial Intelligence 7 Ireland A mastery of the theoretical knowledge and applied skills necessary to analyse, critically evaluate and apply the principles and practices of ML, metaheuristic optimisation, big data processing, knowledge representation, deep learning, decision analytics and related technologies to artificial intelligence systems. An awareness and critical understanding of developments in a number of specialist areas in AI; discuss current challenges and research activities in these areas and apply accepted methodologies for tackling research problems. Link Save Delete
Curso de formação especializada (pós-graduação) - Portugal Intrusion detection, security risk, penetration testing, cybersecurity legislation Link Save Delete
Robotics & Industrial Vision 6 France - Link Save Delete
Cibersegurança 5 Portugal Implement and administer infrastructure, network services and systems, in order to make them more secure, as well as install, administer and use cybersecurity services and systems and intervene in the first line in the detection and response to computer security incidents, autonomously or in a team, contributing to the minimization of risk and to the optimization of processes and resources of the target organizations. Security Privacy Link Save Delete
Machine learning for data science and analytics 4 USA What ML is and how it is related to statistics and data analysisHow ML uses computer algorithms to search for patterns in dataHow to use data patterns to make decisions and predictions with real-world examples from healthcare involving genomics and preterm birthHow to uncover hidden themes in large collections of documents using topic modelingHow to prepare data, deal with missing data and create custom data analysis solutions for different industriesBasic and frequently used algorithmic techniques including sorting, searching, greedy algorithms and dynamic programming, data analysis, data analytics Link Save Delete
Industrial Engineering - Digital Industry 7 France Robotics, Mechanics, electronics and informatics, AI, cloud computing Link Save Delete
Pós-Graduação em Automação, Robótica e Controlo Industrial - 4.0 - Portugal Robotics, IoT, Artificial vision, industrial networks, industrial automation, pneumatics Link Save Delete
Introduction to Cloud Computing 4 Denmark Cloud computing Link Save Delete
Otimização de Processos Produtivos na Indústria 4.0 - Portugal Instrumentation and sensors, discreet simulation, optimization, data acquisition, programming Link Save Delete
Modelação, Análise de Dados e Sistemas de Apoio à Decisão 7 Portugal Data analysis, Data bases, Programming, Data Mining, ML, AI, data analytics Link Save Delete
Indústria 4.0 - Portugal - Link Save Delete
Certificate in Intelligent Manufacturing 7 Ireland A wide and systematic understanding of knowledge in the fields of new and emerging technologies and advanced analytics informed by and for the smart factory of the future, ability to apply reinforcement learning to robotics and autonomous systems and develop new solutions to problems for the factory of the future. Link Save Delete
Máster Inter-Universitario en Ciberseguridad 7 Spain To train highly qualified professionals in all technical, organisational, operational and forensic processes related to digital security. The teaching staff belongs to the areas of Telematics Engineering, Signal and Communications Theory, Computer Science and AI, Systems Engineering and Criminal Law of the two universities, and is complemented by the contribution of leading professionals from companies in the sector in Galicia and their commitment to support the students' internships.Students will receive advanced technical, management and legal training in cybersecurity, basic university courses in programming for those who need to obtain this prior knowledge, and teaching oriented towards applied problem solving, encryption, security privacy Link Save Delete
Collaborative Robot - Online Collaborative Robot, Automation, Autonomous Manipulator Link Save Delete
BEng (Hons) Robotics 6 Uk Robotics, Mobile and Humanoid Automation Link Save Delete
Introduction to Cybersecurity - Cisco - Online Cybersecurity, Threats, Attacks, Vulnerabilities, Businesses Protection,encryption, security privacy Link Save Delete
PCAP - Programming Essentials in Python - Online Python, Programming Language, Developers Link Save Delete
UNICEF information security awareness course - Online Data protection, Cybersecurity, Information security, encryption, security privacy Link Save Delete
Online Cryptography Course - Online Cryptography, Stream ciphers, Block ciphers, Message integrity, Authenticated encryption, Basic key exchange, Public-key encryption, Digital signatures, security privacy Link Save Delete
Introduction to Data Analytics - Online data analysis, data analytics, Data Science Link Save Delete
ROS Developers - Online Robotics Theory, Kalman Filters, Path Planning, Robot Navigation, ML for Robots Link Save Delete
Interactive Cyber Security Training Taught by Industry Experts - France Hacker tools, Threat hunting, SCADA security, ICS Security, Intrusion Detection Link Save Delete
Técnico Superior Profissional em Cibersegurança 5 Portugal Introduction to cybersecurity, Vulnerabilities, Security standards, Privacy, Security in computer networks, encryption, security privacy Link Save Delete
Introduction to Internet of Things - Online Digital transformation, Internet of Things, IoT, Data sharing Link Save Delete
Técnico Superior Profissional em Automação Robótica e Informática Industrial 3 Portugal Automation, Robotics, Data Communication Networks and Industrial Informatics Link Save Delete
Advanced Cybersecurity Program - Stanford School of Engineering - Online Cybersecurity, Threats, Attacks, Vulnerabilities, Businesses protection, Data protection, Risks Link Save Delete
Introduction to Cybersecurity - Stanford School of Engineering - Online Cybersecurity, Security goals, Phising attacks, Security strategy, encryption, security privacy Link Save Delete
Foundations of Information Security - Online Design secure systems, Cybersecurity, Phising attacks, Malware, Code injection, Cryptography, Information security Link Save Delete
Mestrado em Cibersegurança 7 Portugal Exploitation of vulnerabilities, Cryptography, Biometrics, Communications networks, Cybersecurity, encryption, security privacy Link Save Delete
Certificado Profissional Ciência de dados da IBM - Online Data Science, Python, Data Analysis, Pandas, Numpy, Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), SQL, Cloud Databases, Predictive Modelling, Data Visualization, ML, AI Link Save Delete
Intro to Data Analysis - Online data analysis, data analytics, NumPy, Pandas Link Save Delete
Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science - Online ML, AI, Python, R, Reinforcement Learning, NLP, Deep Learning,data analysis, data analytics Link Save Delete
Cloud Security - Online Cloud business, Security, Cloud Security, Information security, Cloud computing, Data encryption Link Save Delete
Data Analyst - Online Analytics tools, data analysis, data analytics,SQL databases, R languages, Python, Data visualizations, Statistics and predictive analytics Link Save Delete
Land your dream job in data science - Online Data Scientist, Python, R, SQL, data analysis, data analytics Link Save Delete
Pandas Masterclass: Advanced Data Analysis with Pandas - Online Analyze, Manipulate,Visualize Big Data,data analysis, data analytics Link Save Delete
Machine Learning - Online ML, AI, Artificial Neural Network, Logistic Regression Link Save Delete
SEC488: Cloud Security Essentials - Online Cloud service providers, CSPs, Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud, Cloud, Security, Cloud security Link Save Delete